"Standard Audit File for Tax" in OECD Standards

What is SAF-T?

  SAF-T; is a new regulation that introduce the Standard Audit File for Tax, which will be the standard method to regularly check a company's tax control framework.

  The goal of SAF-T is to improve and deepen the process of tax and treasury audit and to identify main areas of non-compliance in tax reporting.

  SAF-T brought significant benefits to the tax authorities in countries in which this solution has been already implemented. Such biggest benefits; reduction of costs and duration of audits, increased effectiveness, ability to conduct audit of few takes at once.


SNI SAF-T is a SAP add-on runs over SAP ECC, compatible with OECD standards, covers the steps of creation of necessary structures in XML format.


Bulk upload

Creating XML SAF-T Structures directly on SAP ECC

SNI SAF-T has its own namespace registered globally (/SNI/). So it has no affect on SAP standards and is not be affected by SAP upgrades. Custom authorization objects according to SAP standards enable authorization management for all processes.

Automatic Metadata tagging and extraction

Special SAF-T cockpit on SAP

XML files of SAF-T Structures can display, analyse, download from the SAF-T Cockpit.

Unmatched ingestion speed

Ease the way to create the Structures Report

SNI SAF-T enable you to create your reports (XML Structures) as HTML which is much more easier and efficient.


Own Customizing Table

All necessary customizings under "/SNI/" Namespace, SAF-T Tables.


Supporting digital signature

Including new signature technologies XAdES, PAdES, CAdES.


e-Invoice I e-Archive I e-Ledger I e-Ticket

  SNI SAF-T Solution

SAP Standard Solution

External Solutions Portal, Manuel etc.
User interface Yes No No
User interface %100 SAP ECC % 50 SAP ECC
% 50 External Portal
%100 External
XML creation Yes No No
Requiring Additional SAP Consultancy? No Yes Yes
Dependency on Supplier Yok N/A Yes
SAP version requirement Version Independent Requires new version of SAP N/A
Additional License Not Required Depends on Suppliers Depends on Suppliers
Digital Signatory Software Available N/A N/A
Allowance on other integrations Allows all Integrations N/A N/A
Legal Schema check Yes No N/A
Data Storage Requirement Low storage (keeps xml data binary) High storage requirement. Routine deletion needed N/A